I have always been fascinated with the people, places, and actions that have personally inspired us to believe in ourselves and to accomplish what we initially thought of as impossible. We all have our own experiences in life that have made us who we are. Everyday we all face our own moments of adversity, both large and small. We are tested, and we do the best we can with what we have. But just like anything else, there will always be obstacles out there, and it’s how we go about facing these obstacles that will make the difference. 


I created Life Support because I wanted to form an online community that would offer a variety of hope, inspiration, and motivational support to those who have been or currently going through some form of adversity in their life. 


Please feel free to share your story. What helps you get through your difficult moments? What inspires you? What can you tell somebody who is currently facing obstacles in their life? Every person has a story and a voice.


It is my hope, that this community can become a supportive place where people from all backgrounds and experiences can not only share their own personal journeys in life, but to help others succeed in their journeys also.



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