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Brian’s incredible story has been featured on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, NBC’s Today Show, ESPN, CNN, and several other programs throughout the country that have earned Emmy nominations and awards.


Brian's story is about transforming a tragedy into a triumph, but it’s also about the universal ability that we all have to set goals and accomplish them. When a challenge is presented to us, we do our best to overcome whatever the situation is, and as a result, we learn something about ourselves through the process that makes us stronger.


He tells a personal and emotional story of his fight back from near death after a horrific automobile accident. He lost sixty percent of his blood, his heart had moved across his chest, and his organs and pelvis were pulverized. Brian had to be brought back to life eight times on the operating table.


He focuses on his experience as a patient who, while in a two-month long medically induced coma, was unable to move or talk to anyone around him, yet he was able to hear, see and feel pain. If he lived, doctors predicted he might not be able to walk again, and certainly not swim. Then, miraculously, Brian clawed his way back to the living. First blinking his eyelids, then squeezing a hand, then smiling, he gradually emerged from his locked-in state and went on to make a full recovery, which involved swimming on his college team and crossing the finish line in the 2007 Hawaii Ironman.


After the recovery was complete, his inspirational message spread rapidly throughout the nation. He has traveled the country and given over one hundred keynote presentations for a variety of corporations, universities, medical and nursing schools, athletic conferences, state hospital associations, real estate and financial groups, and at dozens of healthcare leadership conventions.


Brian's journey of courage and determination has touched the hearts of millions, and his story and the message it carries has been celebrated around the world.


  • Corporate

  • Inspirational / Motivational

  • Healthcare (through the eyes of the patient)

  • Goal Setting

  • Health & Fitness

  • Overcoming obstacles and adversity

  • Importance of blood donation

From the earliest days of our founding, our Nation has been shaped by ordinary people who have dared to dream and used their unique skills to do extraordinary things. Americans like Brian Boyle help carry this tradition forward by reaching for new ideas that will help our country win the future. —Barack Obama, President of the United States of America


It's not what people accumulate in material things that makes a nation great. Greatness comes from the good that free people do for others. On the long road back, Boyle vowed that he would give back. —USA Today


There is no better story of a miraculous comeback than Brian Boyle's. —The Washington Post


Brian Boyle’s Iron Heart story continues to inspire others and exemplify the importance of setting goals. 

Success Magazine


"Health care needs people like Brian Boyle to keep us focused on the goal, to have an impact" —Dr. Peter Pronovost, Johns Hopkins Medicine


"Sometimes, lost in the debate about waste, fraud, and managing health care costs is the fact that healthcare professionals are highly trained and genuinely care deeply about the health and outcomes of their patients. And, together amazing things happen. Brian Boyle helps tell that story” —Harvard Medical School

"Brian has seen the patient side of the medical encounter and he has triumphed in every way" —Duke University Medical Center

"Brian's words soothe and guide healthcare providers to be always present in every moment of our patients’ lives"

—Maryland Hospital Association

"There is no gift as absolutely precious as the gift of life, and no one acknowledges this more than Brian Boyle. Brian treats each day as a gift and an opportunity to help others" —Gail McGovern, President of the American Red Cross



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